Motorbike - Photo by Frank Kehren

Motorbike Accidents – What To Consider

According to statistics from the Department of Transport, 6,828 people were involved in motorbike accidents in 2012.

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Summer holiday dog

10 Money Saving Tips for the Summer

The summer is here, and it can become expensive getting through it, especially for those with kids. With that in mind, here are some easy money saving tips that can help ease the financial burden.

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Desktop Writing Equipment

How to Become a Personal Finance Copywriter

Personal finance is a specialised subject and therefore a choice topic for copywriting. While many people around the world manage their own finances, few people feel they do an excellent job. Readers from all socioeconomic classes can benefit from financial advice.

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5 Ways to Make an Extra Online Income in 2014

5 Ways to Make an Extra Online Income in 2014

As we enter 2014, almost 6 years after the Lehman Brothers collapse, which sparked the global recession, millions up and down the country are still feeling the pinch of the economic downturn.

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Freedom Beach, Ko Tao, Thailand - Photo by Mr & Mrs Backpacker

5 Budgeting Steps to Help You Reach Financial Freedom in 2014

It is estimated that over half of the new years resolutions made this year will be financial ones.

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Learn to draw

24 Awesome Skills to Learn for Free Online

The internet is an amazing thing. You can learn an incredible range of skills, and earn money within no time with your skill.

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Money Saving Tips 2014

14 Money Saving Tips for 2014

Many people start a new year with a fresh outlook, setting new goals and aspirations for the upcoming twelve months.

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5 easy ways to save money

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

It is a common regret for many people in the UK, looking back and wishing we’d spent less money on something or other in the previous weeks or months.

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Free Websites

Places to Get a Free Website

Having a website is fast becoming the most important consideration for businesses in a market driven by increased online activity.

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Girl on laptop - Photo by CollegeDegrees360

Copywriting for Cash: 5 Tips for Wannabe Copywriters

For those with a good grasp of the English language and talent for writing attractively then becoming a copywriter is a practical career path to head down. Associated with the advertising and marketing industries in particular, copywriters are employed to create text content for a wide range of purposes.

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